D-boy Warlands Malagen King Of Vampires Action Figure 2000 Sealed Mib 3.5x6.5x7"

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The series was first published by Image Comics beginning in August 1999 for a twelve issue run. Follow up series Warlands: The Banished Knight and Warlands: The Age of Ice were initially published by Image before Dreamwave began to publish their own comics in 2002. The final series to be published, Warlands: Dark Tide Rising was launched in December 2002 and was the only Warlands series solely published through Dreamwave. A 2005 relaunch of Warlands with the series Warlands: Malagens Campaign was to be published through Dabel Brothers Productions[2] however following the bankruptcy of Dreamwave[3] the series never materialized and rights to the Warlands property were purchased by Canadian entrepreneur Christian Dery
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