Frontline Season 1 (2-Disc Set) Brand New Sealed, The Best Australian tv show ever

Frontline Season 1 (2-Disc Set) Brand New Sealed, The Best Australian tv show ever

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If you have never seen this show it is a must, in my opinion the best tv series made in Australia of all time. Shows you how manipulative Current Affairs shows really are, anything goes in the quest for ratings. After viewing this series watch A current Affair and you will see where this show got it's inspiration.

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FRONTLINE is an increasingly successful current affairs program broadcast on commercial television. The show is hosted by Mike Moore, an ex-ABC journalist who's still coming to terms with life in the 'Big League'. This DVD contains all thirteen episodes from Series 1.The Souffle Rises, The Desert Angel, City of Fear, She's Got the Look, The Siege, Playing the Ego Card, We Ain't Got Dames, The Art of Gentle Persuasion, The Invisible Man, Add Sex and Stir, Smaller Fish to Fry, Judge and Jury, This Night of Nights

Product Identifiers
APN 9398710440294
Title Frontline : Series 1
Format DVD
Product Release Date 09/09/2004

Key Feaures
Theatrical Release Year 1994
Number of Discs 2
Actors Alison Whyte, Anita Cerdic, Bruno Lawrence, Genevieve Mooy, Jane Kennedy, Kevin J. Wilson, Linda Ross, Lynda Gibson, Rob Sitch, Santo Cilauro, Steve Bisley, Tiriel Mora, Trudy Hellier
Directors Rob Sitch
Rating M
Language English
Run Time 345 minutes

Theatrical Information
Primary Genre Comedy
Sub Genre Australian
Studio ABC