Phar Lap Original Motion Picture Bruce Rowland EMX-124 Record Label Sample MINT

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  • Bruce Rowland
  • Perfect condition and unused - See grading and condition
  • Rare Record label sample (not for re-sale)
EMI ‎– EMX-124
  • 1st Press 
  • Tracklist

    A1 California 1932
    A2 Phar Lap - Main Theme
    A3 The Sandhills
    A4 Pike Weighs In
    A5 Telford's Theme
    A6 After The Race
    A7 Phar Lap Wins The Melbourne Cup
    A8 The Shooting
    A9 The Chips Are Down
    B1 Hero To A Nation
    B2 First Past The Post
    B3 1931 Melbourne Cup
    B4 Tommy Proposes / Farewell Australia
    B5 Agua Caliente
    B6 Training - The Desert
    B7 Davis Is Warned
    B8 The Richest Race In History
    B9 The Legend