The Fresh Brand - Paris LS Polo Shirt Purple Mens Small BNWT Free Postage

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Fresh brand, created at the beginning of 2009 by Jacquy and Allon Zibi, is the logical continuation of the brand 

Legend & Soul, a well-known brand already established throughout the world. Following its launch, Fresh Brand's s

uccess is evident season after season, with Jacquy and Allon pushing the brand's dynamic and casual spirit that 

allows for the establishment of its powerful reputation.

Fresh Brand offers a wide and complete range of products at an affordable price for the modern, active and free man.

The Fresh Brand represents a confident, active, and powerful individual, whose style is seemingly effortless. It is a 

casual, vintage inspired young men's line that truly embodies the all-American lifestyle with a European point of view. 

This value driven brand is a perfect combination of comfort and luxury.

  • Colour: PURPLE
  • Contents: 100% Cotton
  • Size small
  • Brand New With Tags